Our Celebration

1. The launch of KPMG “Tree of Light” video

Starting in 1994, we were a few people in a small office with high hopes and visions for a bright future.  KPMG has come through a lot of ups and downs over the past 25 years and without the trust that you give to KPMG and bring to clients, we wouldn’t have gone this far together: we have grown to a team of 1500 employees and KPMG has emerged as the top financial services provider for thousands of prominent clients across key sectors.  

To mark this milestone, we are excited to introduce to you KPMG’s 25th Anniversary video and song, Tree of Light. With the metaphor of a tree growing in 25 years since day one and then having sweet fruit, KPMG is portrayed to have grown and build trust in community, clients and our people within a quarter of century.

With one month launching, our video reach more than 50,000 people and receive thousands of positive feedbacks from both internal people and our clients. This is just the beginning of our celebration series with more celebrating surprises that lie ahead!

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