Nguyen Van Hoi – Audit Senior

It was in July 2008 when I saw the name of KPMG for the first time, in a job advertisement in It is understandable. For in Vietnam, KPMG was at that time only familiar to people working inside the finance and accounting profession (and it seems it is also true now), unlike other foreign giants like Samsung, Sony, Honda, Coca-Cola, etc., who are known to almost every Vietnamese adult. After several mouse clicks to get to know about KPMG in Vietnam, I decided to apply for the job I loved and was finally admitted to the firm.

I still remember the first working day in the world class 16th floor office in the Pacific Place Building back in August 2008. Almost everything I experienced on that day was a kind of first-time experience: a luxurious, elegant office; very friendly, professional teams of HR, IT and other KPMGers who were quite helpful, enthusiastic and kind in making me ready for a new journey, a journey of both hardship and joy; and of the balance of work and life. From that first day until now, I have had the privilege to work with and/or for talents from famous Vietnamese and international universities/academies who choose to join the firm every year and who have helped to make KPMG a ‘Best Place to Work in Financial Services’. I am proud to witness that KPMG in Vietnam has been recognized by relevant State authorities as having made significant contributions to the Vietnamese auditing and accounting profession, a course in which we, the Reporting Team in Hanoi, are so happy to have our own little contribution (through the translation/clerical work over the past few years). Last but not least, what has made me most proud of is the fact that KPMG is where “Work-Life Balance” is not a cliché – it is a reality!

Looking back to my journey at KPMG over the past 10 years, I believe being part of such a great big team like KPMG is itself a great pride. I love it, and of course will never regret being part of such a great team. Thank you, KPMG.

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