Ms. Hoang Thi Ngoc – Audit Assistant Manager

  • Why I took a chance and start a new career at KPMG…

After graduated from university, I was an intern for an assets management fund. After hearing about my mentor’s experience in Big 4 firm, I believed that an audit career would help me strengthen both of my technical skill and soft skill in financial service. With that in mind, I applied for KPMG as a fresh graduate 5 years ago.

The memory is still vivid to me: I remember trying my best in each testing, hoping win that chance to work in a professional and friendly firm like KPMG. Fortunately, I passed the final interview. Until now, I still believe that this is one of the best opportunities that I’ve got so far: to be able to work here – the friendliest working environment I’ve known.

  • How I’ve personally and professionally grown after many years working at KPMG…

Firstly, I’ve improved a lot in my professional skills. Throughout many years, I’ve learnt many new technical and management skills that help to advance my work. I have been trained and coached a lot by my colleagues, from small things such as how to write a professional and effective emails and effective communication to consolidating skills.

Secondly, my thinking gets sharpened day by day. Through teamwork, I understand the value of each team member, their personal life, as well as their weakness and strength. I always think about how to help them in their situation and by that way, I’ve also got my lessons learnt. Besides the hard work, I’ve learnt to stay balanced and happy, to choose the smart things to do, and to enjoy every single moment in life.

KPMG might be the nicest and kindest work place to empower a young woman like me to grow up with all that opportunities I’ve got to experience and learn from so far, so that one day, I can fly with my own wings with a warm heart.

  • Moments that sharpened my career path at KPMG

There are a lot of moments that are worth remembering for every time my team completed a job.

When I was an assistant, my team had a lot of lovely in-charges that taught me not only technical skills but also the right attitude in audit work – the very first solid steps in my professional career. As time goes by and I’ve become more and more experienced at my work, it’s really moving and exciting at the same time when I realize that I’m trusted to be the one who could listen and understand others better every day, to make my colleagues feel loved, respected and enjoy our working time. As a senior in-charge, I remember and highly value each of my assistants’ contribution to the shared works. I wish them all the best (and even better) experiences just like I’ve always had, a very good health, love and joys in beautiful young days in KPMG.

KPMG has sharpened my career in financial service with such positive and career-defining experiences that I will continue dedicating all my best to my work and my time here. Should there be any changes in my future, KPMG would still be the first love of my professional career.

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