Hoang Thuy Duong | Partner, Head of Integrated International Tax

I joined KPMG on 1 July 2000 (a very hot day) after an interview with Warrick when we spoke about Vietnam’s economic reforms and fiscal policy, among others.  It was such a simple reason why I came to Tax at KPMG.

Over the past almost 19 years, there were so many memorable moments.  Look, we are talking about a graduate pursuing a professional career after two short-term jobs at trading houses.  Perhaps the best moments were when I was confirmed to second to KPMG Australia in late 2014 and made a Partner in 2009, since they were really life changing milestones when I took on challenges and entered into new territories.

The KPMG values are in our DNA with every single words, especially acting with integrity and respecting the individual.  You live and breathe them every day at work or with clients.

Best career advice at KPMG, don’t mind taking on new things passionately when you are still young so that your time will be best spent.  Actually, I still feel I am young!

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