Chapter 01

Strong Beginnings

1994 – 2002


In 1994, KPMG opened in Vietnam and Cambodia with 50 tax and audit staff – all  with high hopes and visions for a bright fulture.

Early 2000s

Our internal Digital Transformation journey began with a strong foundation of Enterprise Resources Planning system and online branding channels. This included the launching of KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia’s website, emailing systems and our intranet.


After the acquisition of Arthur Andersen, our firm expanded reach and doubled in size with approximately 300 clients, approximately 150 employees, and first country desks to assist Japanese and Korean investors in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In November 2002, our Ho Chi Minh City office officially resided in Sun Wah Tower – the offices of almost every major name in global banking and finance in Vietnam.

Chapter 02


2004 – 2013


With “Growth” strategy, KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia continued to stay in the lead in human development and client management in finance and accounting industry. After 10 years of assisting global agencies, KPMG started to turn our focus on local enterprises to transform their business with remarkable “firsts” in our client list: the first client to go IPO, the first township developer that still holds the largest FDI projects in Vietnam to-date.


2008 marked another memorable milestone for KPMG: We were proud to have the 1st Vietnamese partner at KPMG, as well as to become the first in Big 4 with a female partner in Vietnam.


In today’s business environment, audits can do even more than just delivering compliance and confidence with technology innovations and an explosion of data. With these game changers, organisations and investors now have access to a breadth and depth of information that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. Understanding this, we raised the bar on audit quality with the launching of KPMG eAudIT.

Through eAudIT, the KPMG audit workflow was enabled: eAudIT integrated KPMG’s audit methodology, guidance and industry knowledge, and the tools needed to manage audits consistently from beginning to end. From here, the KPMG experts were  able to analyse greater quantities of data and dig deeper to provide a more robust audit opinion and actionable insights, delivered seamlessly through our integrated platforms.

2011 – 2012

Another milestone was marked for KPMG in Cambodia: KPMG was proud to welcome the first Cambodian partner on board.

Also by this year, KPMG celebrated the 10 times growth from the first day. Started with as few as 50 staff in a small office, we reached to the number of 500 staff in 4 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi and Phnom Penh with hundreds of long-term clients since our beginning. By service growth, this was a period of time that we officially extended our commitment to new lines of services: M&A and Management Consulting services.


KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia took ownership from KPMG International in order to better serve our local clients with localised strategies and continues to drive growth with local focus. By this year, a set of specialized country desks had been well-established and running in order for us to better serve and consult our clients in Asia regions: Japanese Desk, Chinese Desk and Korean desk.

Chapter 03

Pay It Forward

2014 – 2019


After 10 years of entering Vietnam & Cambodia market, our clients reached to the number of thousands, hundreds of which had long-term relationships with us since our Day One.

As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of KPMG’s culture, we decide to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with a meaningful give-back gift to the society: the “Gift of Sight” project. In this special project, KPMG in Vietnam has sponsored eyes surgeries for 415 poor patients in HCM & nearby regions at Nguyen Trai hospital. By this milestone, other CSR projects have also been initiated in our annual Community Day project: blood donation, building libraries for rural children, environmental activities


In response to the markets’ needs, 2015 is the year of two important milestones for us: the establishment of KPMG Legal Limited, together with KPMG T&A Limited and the establishment of our Danang office. We were the first mover in Big Four to establish Danang office in order to firstly, better serve our Danang-based client; secondly, to play a better role as an advocacy for the local government on their development journey and lastly, to create more professional opportunities for local employees.


KPMG NEXT program was initiated in 2016 to target at medium enterprises and private business leaders in Vietnam who were looking to fast track their growth and take their business to the next level. Until now, KPMG NEXT has received the support of more than 80 entrepreneurs and businesses from different regions and sectors in Vietnam.

After the launching of KPMG’s “Empowerment” Scholarship Program in 2016, we have handed out a plenty of KPMG scholarships yearly to local Cambodian and Vietnamese students, who are experience extreme financial hardships. As its name suggests, this is a scholarship-awarding program that aims at supporting family and financial disadvantaged students, helping them overcome difficulties so they can continue their learning and achieve their dreams.


We were proud to implement Ignition Center to bring together our experts in design thinking, data and analytics, strategy, and technology to collaborate on new services and help our clients prepare for and address disruptive changes to their business models.


KPMG has come through ups and downs over the past 25 years and without the trust that our dedicated employees give to KPMG and bring to our clients, we wouldn’t have gone this far together: we have grown to a team of 1500 employees and emerged as the top financial services provider for thousands of prominent clients across key sectors.

In terms of social and community responsibility, we continuously strive to expand our CSR programs with many more partnerships with both international and local trustworthy NGOs in order to accelerate our positive and sustainable impacts. As a result of this direction, this year, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Vietnam (CCIFV) and KPMG are proud to present the first edition of “Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam: The Guidebook”.