Our Celebration

3. C-Suite Appreciation Dinner

​On May 21 2019, together with our KPMG in ASPAC, we hosted a Client Appreciation dinner in Ho Chi Minh city to celebrate the firm’s 25th anniversary of doing business in Vietnam. More than 180 Senior Clients from multinationals and KPMG Partners across 12 ASPAC member firms joined this celebration event.

In the opening speech, Warrick shared how the firm has grown to what it is now in the past 25 years and unveiled a musical corporate video. Later John Teer, Chief Operating Officer of KPMG ASPAC, gave a complementary notes of KPMG in Vietnam as one of the very few players able to provide a total solution, and confirmed the strategic importance of Vietnam in the future of our global operations. To share the happiness of reaching a milestone of 25 years, book writer and executive coach Irene Ohler hosted small talks about “Women Leadership in the 21st Century” and how KPMG in Vietnam committed to create a safe place for everyone to “bring their whole-self to work” under the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion policy.

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